Elon Musk’s Chief of Staff Alleges Affair with His Wife

In a surprising turn of events, the chief of staff of Google’s co-founder Sergey Brin, Amanda Rosenberg, has accused Tesla CEO Elon Musk of having an extramarital affair with his wife, Nicole Shanahan. According to court documents, the allegations were made public on May 26th. The court is currently deliberating on the matter of Nicole’s divorce from her husband. While Shanahan is seeking a divorce, she has also requested financial support from Musk. The details of the case, including the division of assets and other issues, have been kept confidential.

The relationship between Sergey Brin and Shanahan reportedly began in 2015, and they got married in 2018. However, their marriage deteriorated within three years. Meanwhile, Musk and Shanahan’s affair has been ongoing since December 2021. The recent legal proceedings were initiated by Musk, who filed for separation from Shanahan in January. The divorce has resulted in intense disagreements between the two parties.

Musk and Brin are known to be close friends, but the affair with Musk has strained their relationship. In a tweet on July 25th, Musk addressed the issue, stating, “Sergey, I value our friendship. I have only seen Nicole twice in three years. There is no physical relationship between us.” However, the situation remains tense between the two billionaires. Musk’s inclusion on the list of people who have ridden in Tesla cars has only fueled the fire. Formerly, Musk had invested $5 million in Tesla during the 2008 financial crisis, according to Bloomberg.

As the court continues its proceedings, the public waits for further updates on the situation. In the meantime, Musk and Brin’s professional collaboration and personal friendship face significant challenges.

Sources: Court documents, Bloomberg