New Ways to Live Longer: The Importance of Relationships and Healthy Living

Madeline Paldo, a remarkable centenarian, recently retired at the age of 100 after working for over 80 years. Paldo believes that working played a significant role in her longevity, keeping her busy and fulfilled. The importance of positive relationships is a key factor contributing to her happiness and long life.

Paldo’s family owned a sign business in Chicago, where she worked in office administration. Her favorite part of the job was interacting with customers and being with people. Building strong relationships with family, friends, and the community has been essential to her overall well-being.

A Harvard study conducted over 85 years found that positive relationships can make people happier and help them live longer. Dr. Sofiya Milman, an expert in human longevity studies, emphasizes the importance of relationships, family, and friends in the lives of centenarians. Paldo stays socially active by going out to dinner with her children, attending family events, and meeting up with friends at Dunkin’ Donuts.

Apart from maintaining healthy relationships, there are other factors that likely contribute to Paldo’s long life. Longevity tends to be higher among women, and genetics also play a significant role. Paldo’s older sister lived to be 103, indicating a genetic predisposition to longevity in her family.

Paldo attributes her good health and energy to her mostly plant-based diet and active lifestyle. Growing up, her family relied heavily on vegetables and ate little meat due to financial constraints. Today, Paldo continues to follow a healthy eating regimen and emphasizes the importance of staying physically active.

In addition to physical health, centenarians often have a positive outlook on life. Paldo’s optimistic mindset and ability to handle stress contribute to her overall well-being. She believes that everything can be solved and feels fortunate to have reached the age of 100 in good health.

In conclusion, maintaining meaningful relationships and embracing a healthy lifestyle are crucial factors in living a longer, happier life. The story of Madeline Paldo serves as an inspiration for those seeking to enhance their own well-being and longevity.

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