HiddenLayer Inc. Raises $50 Million to Protect AI Models from Cyberattacks

HiddenLayer Inc., a startup specializing in AI cybersecurity, has successfully closed a $50 million funding round. The Series B round was led by Microsoft Corp.’s M12 startup fund and Moore Strategic Ventures, with participation from Ten Eleven Ventures, Booz Allen Ventures, IBM Ventures, and Capital One Ventures.

Artificial intelligence (AI) models are becoming increasingly vulnerable to cyberattacks, employing both standard breach techniques and more sophisticated AI-specific methods. HiddenLayer aims to address this issue by offering a cybersecurity platform specifically designed to detect and block breach attempts in AI models.

The platform provided by HiddenLayer not only identifies cyberattacks but also simplifies related tasks such as identifying and fixing vulnerabilities in neural networks. Co-founder and CEO Chris Sestito emphasizes the importance of securing AI, as the technology has gained widespread adoption without adequate security measures.

One strategy employed by hackers in AI-focused cyberattacks involves injecting malicious input into targeted systems, causing errors. This input is often disguised as innocuous files that appear harmless to humans but confuse neural networks due to slight modifications. Hackers may also modify phishing emails to make them more difficult for AI-powered detection tools to identify.

Another objective of AI-focused cyberattacks is to steal or compromise the training datasets used in the development of neural networks. HiddenLayer’s platform detects cyberattacks by monitoring the inputs and outputs of the neural network. When signs of malicious activity are detected, administrators are promptly notified, and the affected neural network can be isolated to minimize the impact of the attack.

In addition to detecting and responding to breaches, HiddenLayer’s platform offers preventative measures. It includes a tool that scans AI models for vulnerabilities and automatically flags potential breaches. The platform can also identify attempts by hackers to inject malicious code into AI applications.

Furthermore, HiddenLayer provides a Security Audit Reporting feature that allows users to track the cybersecurity status of their company’s AI models through a centralized dashboard. Vulnerabilities are prioritized based on severity, empowering cybersecurity teams to address the most critical issues first.

HiddenLayer’s platform is already in use by Fortune 100 companies across various industries. With the $50 million funding round, the company plans to expand its team by hiring another 40 employees by the end of the year. Additionally, the funding will be used to develop new features and accelerate go-to-market initiatives.

Title: HiddenLayer Inc. Raises $50 Million to Safeguard AI Models from Cyberattacks

– Artificial intelligence (AI): The development of computer systems capable of performing tasks that typically require human intelligence.
– Neural network: A type of computer system modeled after the human brain’s interconnected neurons, used to process complex patterns and solve problems.

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