A Glimpse into the Extraordinary Life of Gavin Woody: CEO, Ultramarathoner, and Army Veteran

Gavin Woody, the co-founder and CEO of Felix&Fido, a Seattle-based pet care startup, is not your average entrepreneur. Apart from leading his innovative company, Woody is also an ultramarathon enthusiast with a penchant for tackling some of the most grueling races on the planet.

Woody’s startup, Felix&Fido, aims to address the shortage of veterinarians by offering a subscription-based pet care model. The company made its debut in March this year, backed by $4 million in pre-seed funding from PSL Ventures and pet-sitting giant Rover.

When he’s not immersed in the world of startups, Woody dedicates his time to conquering incredible physical challenges. As an ultra trail runner, mountain climber, backcountry skier, cyclist, and Ironman competitor, he has faced some of the world’s most demanding terrain and tests of human endurance.

One of his notable achievements includes completing Alaska’s Iditarod Trail Invitational, a 350-mile ultramarathon on the iconic dog sled course. Woody accomplished this feat on skis in eight days and six hours, becoming only the third person to finish ITI using all three modes of travel: foot, ski, and bike. In 2022, he won the same race on a fat tire bike in just three days and 22 hours.

Woody, an Army veteran with a decorated military career, approaches his adventures with the same mindset he applies to running a startup. His ability to prioritize tasks and maintain forward momentum is essential in both realms.

Greg Gottesman, managing director of Pioneer Square Labs, speaks highly of Woody, describing him as “truly one of a kind” and “the most extraordinary person” he has ever met.

In addition to his professional and athletic endeavors, Woody is also a devoted family man. He is a loving husband to his wife Sara, an ultra runner herself. They got engaged on Mount Kilimanjaro, tied the knot at Yosemite, and hiked the John Muir Trail together.

Woody’s upbringing on a cattle ranch, his experiences in the military, and his education in mechanical engineering at West Point have all played a role in shaping his exceptional leadership skills. His diverse background has equipped him with a wide range of abilities, making him an effective leader both in business and in his personal pursuits.

Woody’s determination, resilience, and passion for pushing beyond his limits serve as an inspiration to others. His extraordinary life serves as a reminder that with the right mindset and dedication, it’s possible to achieve the seemingly impossible.

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