Attom Capital Launches to Provide Liquidity Option for Startups

Attom Capital, a new investment firm, has launched to provide liquidity options for founders, employees, and early investors in the Latin American startup ecosystem. The firm will invest directly in startups by purchasing equity in the secondary market, allowing early equity holders to sell their equity and access much-needed capital.

The founders of Attom Capital, Antonia Rojas and Iñigo Martínez, bring extensive experience in investing and entrepreneurship. Antonia has been investing in Latin American technology companies for over eight years and was a Partner at ALLVP. Meanwhile, Iñigo has over eight years of experience as a VC and private equity investor, having co-founded Odetta, an asset-light car trading and fintech lending platform.

The launch of Attom Capital comes as a response to the exponential growth of the Latin American startup ecosystem in the past decade. While the primary market has flourished, the secondary market is yet to be developed fully in the region. Attom aims to fill this gap by providing a platform for secondary transactions, allowing stakeholders to realize the value of their equity before a formal exit.

Antonia Rojas, Managing Partner of Attom Capital, describes the secondary market as a crucial component for the sustained growth of startup environments. By enabling early equity holders to sell their equity, Attom Capital seeks to provide a much-needed liquidity option that can fuel further growth and innovation in the Latin American startup scene.

With its focus on the secondary market, Attom Capital aims to contribute to the overall development and maturity of the startup ecosystem in Latin America. By providing an avenue for liquidity, the firm plans to support the long-term success of startups by allowing early stakeholders to unlock the value of their equity while continuing to grow their companies.