Marriage Breakdowns Leading to Increased Home Sales in New Zealand

A half-renovated home in Auckland’s Browns Bay has been listed on the market due to the marriage breakdown of its owners. The real estate agent, Andrew Harley, is using creative marketing tactics to attract potential buyers. The home, although mostly finished, still has a couple of unfinished rooms.

The listing, titled ‘Untying the Knot & Unloading the Lot’, was posted on TradeMe in September. The aim of the clever title is to catch people’s attention and generate interest in the property. Harley emphasized that the owners are motivated to sell and that there is a genuine opportunity for someone to purchase the home.

Marriage breakdowns have become one of the top five reasons for houses hitting the market in recent times, with the trend becoming more common in the last 18 months since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Justin Mackay, a building inspector, relationship issues are now frequently cited by homeowners as their reason for moving.

However, leaving Auckland, downsizing, upsizing, and coping with financial pressures caused by high-interest rates remain the most common reasons for selling homes. While a significant downturn in the market and a shrinking workforce have impacted the real estate sector, house sales due to marriage breakdowns serve as a unique indicator of changing societal dynamics.

– Anonymous Source
– Anonymous Source