The Best Grocery Stores in Missouri and Illinois: Local Favorites and National Chains

The Daily Meal recently released a list naming the best grocery store in every state, considering factors such as stock, innovation, value, and contribution to the community. In Missouri, Dierbergs was named the top grocery store. Known for its bakeries, seafood options, and philanthropy, Dierbergs has donated $60 million worth of food since the 1970s and offers nutritional guidance through cooking schools.

In Illinois, Aldi takes the crown as the best grocery store. With over 200 locations, Aldi is a discount-grocery chain that offers organic fruit and vegetable choices and a generous return policy in the event of spoiled food.

The Daily Meal states that in order to give smaller, homegrown chains a fair chance, each chain only appears on the list once. Convenience stores, delis, farmers markets, and technology-based shops were not considered in the rankings.

Grocery store preferences can vary based on personal preferences and location. While Dierbergs and Aldi were named the best in Missouri and Illinois, respectively, other states may have different top choices. Regardless of individual preferences, the four criteria used to determine the best grocery stores – stock, innovation, value, and contribution to the community – are important factors for many shoppers.

Source: The Daily Meal (no URL provided)