Brunswick Showcases New Boats and Power Technology at Media Day

Brunswick (BC), the largest maker of pleasure boats in the world, recently held its media day to showcase some of its new boat models and power technology. The event highlighted the company’s commitment to innovation and sustainability in the boating industry.

According to a recent report, the electric boat market is projected to reach $7.7 billion by 2030. This growth can be attributed to the increasing demand for environmentally friendly and energy-efficient boating solutions. David Foulkes, CEO of Brunswick, emphasized the company’s focus on electrification and the changing tastes and government regulations driving this transition.

One of the highlights of the media day was the introduction of an autonomous boat, the Boston Whaler 405 Conquest. This boat features advanced technology that allows for autonomous docking, a feature commonly seen in cars but new to the boating industry. The docking system, known as skyhook, utilizes GPS and motor controls to hold the boat in position, reducing the effort required and providing a stress-free experience for boaters.

Electrification was another key topic discussed during the event. While powering larger boats with electricity presents challenges, Foulkes explained that smaller boats can be effectively electrified. Brunswick has already introduced a series of small electric outboard motors called Avator, which have seen significant success in the market. These motors are popular in Europe, where regulations restrict the use of combustion engines in many lakes. As technology continues to evolve, Brunswick aims to expand electrification to larger boat models.

In addition to electric propulsion, Brunswick is also exploring alternative fuels such as e-fuels to improve the efficiency and sustainability of its engines. The company believes in providing multiple options to cater to different customer needs and preferences, ensuring that more people can enjoy boating in a sustainable way.

Overall, Brunswick’s media day showcased the company’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, and meeting the evolving needs of boaters. As the electric boat market continues to grow, Brunswick is well-positioned to lead the way in providing advanced and eco-friendly boating solutions.

– Pras Subramanian, “Brunswick CEO on new boat technology, inflation impact,” Yahoo Finance
– Video transcript from Yahoo Finance Live