The RG/BSX Index Declines as Butterfield Bank and Argus Group Stocks Trade on the BSX

The RG/BSX Index saw a decline of 49.58 points (2.31%) on Tuesday, closing at 2,098.64. The Bermuda Stock Exchange (BSX) saw trading activity in two stocks – Butterfield Bank and the Argus Group. Butterfield Bank experienced 700 shares being traded and closed the day at $28, representing a decrease of $1 (3.4%). Meanwhile, the Argus Group saw 60,900 shares traded, resulting in a closing price of $6.20, up 17 cents (2.8%).

The total turnover on the BSX for the day amounted to $410,767. On the New York Stock Exchange, Butterfield Bank closed at $28, with 82,519 shares traded, marking a decrease of nine cents (0.32%).

The RG/BSX Index decline highlights a trend of reduced market activity and potential investor caution. Butterfield Bank’s decrease in value may be attributed to various factors affecting the overall stock market, such as investor sentiment, economic indicators, and global events. The increase in Argus Group’s stock price indicates positive market sentiment towards the company.

These trades and the overall performance of the RG/BSX Index can be indicative of the current state of the Bermuda stock market and provide valuable insights for investors and market participants.

Source: RG/BSX Index Report, September 19, 2023, updated at 06:23 PM