The Countdown to Christmas Begins with Launch of Arnotts Christmas Shop

The festive season is fast approaching, and the countdown to Christmas has officially begun with the launch of the Christmas Shop in Arnotts at Henry Street in Dublin. The retail group Brown Thomas Arnotts is now recruiting 350 seasonal employees to join the group of seven shops for the busy festive period.

Yesterday, model Sarah Morrissey opened the Christmas Shop, which is filled with traditional classic Christmas themes, striking decorations, sparkly fairy lights, and playful ornaments. Located on the second floor, the shop showcases a selection of decorative inspiration, including door wreaths, garlands, bows, baubles, stockings, and Christmas crackers.

The Arnotts Christmas Shop also features Santa’s Workshop, which showcases a playful and quirky mix of decorations filled with familiar festive characters in eye-catching colors.

Meanwhile, in Waterford, preparations are underway for Winterval, which will take place from November 17 to December 23. These top-secret meetings have seen Santa making preliminary visits in anticipation of the festive event.

Additionally, Ryanair has announced that it has added over 1.6 million extra seats on 660 routes to accommodate those traveling between December 15 and January 8 to see their family and friends during this Christmas season.

With just 100 days to go, it’s time to start getting into the festive spirit and embracing the joy and magic of Christmas.

– Festive period: Refers to the period of time around Christmas when people celebrate and engage in holiday-related activities.
– Seasonal employees: Temporary employees hired to work during a specific season, such as the festive period.
– Baubles: Small, decorative ornaments, typically made of glass or plastic, hung on Christmas trees.

– The countdown to Christmas begins with launch of Arnotts Christmas Shop (source article)
– The Christmas Shop in Arnotts at Henry Street in Dublin launches with a mix of festive offerings
– Retail group Brown Thomas Arnotts recruiting 350 seasonal employees for festive period
– Model Sarah Morrissey opens the Arnotts Christmas Shop in Dublin
– Santa makes preliminary visits to Winterval in Waterford
– Ryanair adds extra seats to accommodate Christmas travelers.