Coronation Street Star Channique Sterling-Brown Inspires Fans with Solo Trip

Coronation Street actress Channique Sterling-Brown has been praised for her recent solo trip to Belgium. The soap star, known for her role as Dee-Dee Bailey on the long-running show, took to Instagram to share her experience with her thousands of followers. In the video, she showcased pictures and videos from her mini-break, revealing that she had decided to embark on the trip due to feeling overwhelmed and out of touch with herself.

Channique encouraged her followers to take their own solo trips, stating, “This is your sign to book that solo trip you’ve always talked about!” She described her time in Belgium as “wonderful,” where she engaged in activities such as reading, writing, training, and even trying beer. She emphasized the importance of resetting and seeking joy in one’s life, reminding her audience to take care of themselves, as they cannot pour from an empty cup.

Her co-star, Sally Carman-Duttine, who plays Abi Webster on Coronation Street, praised Channique as an inspiration. Fans and followers also expressed their support and admiration for the actress, applauding her for taking time for herself.

This solo trip comes as Channique celebrated her first year on the show. She joined Coronation Street in September of last year and has since become a beloved character on the cobbles. Reflecting on her journey, Channique shared a picture of herself outside the Salford-based set, acknowledging the whirlwind experience she has had. She expressed gratitude for the opportunity to be a part of the show and shared a collage of images from her time on set.

Channique’s solo trip serves as a reminder of the importance of self-care and taking time to rejuvenate. Her journey has inspired fans to consider embarking on their own solo adventures and prioritize their mental and emotional well-being.

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Solo trip – A journey undertaken by oneself, without companionship or assistance.
Coronation Street – A long-running British soap opera that follows the lives of residents on a fictional street in Manchester.
Instagram – A popular social media platform for sharing photos and videos.