Northeast Michigan Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities (CEO) Program Established for High School Students

The Economic Generator Network and the Midland Institute for Entrepreneurship have collaborated to launch the Northeast Michigan Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities (CEO) program for high school students. Set to commence in the Fall of 2024, this program aims to equip students with the necessary skills to start and manage their own businesses, while providing real-world experiences in entrepreneurship.

Throughout the academic year, students in the CEO program will have the opportunity to visit various businesses and listen to expert lecturers who specialize in entrepreneurship, business, and life success. Moreover, they will be tasked with creating and operating both a class business and their own individual businesses.

By offering these unique experiences, the CEO program serves as a valuable resource for high school students in Northeast Michigan who are interested in entrepreneurship and aspire to establish their own businesses. Additionally, the program fosters connections between students and the local community, thereby cultivating future business owners and contributing to the growth of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The Northeast Michigan CEO program is the first of its kind in Michigan and is part of a network of 62 CEO programs operating in 300 schools across seven states. With over 3400 alumni and increasing, testimonials have highlighted the program’s positive impact on workforce development, innovation, and economic growth. Notably, 60% of students envision themselves working at a company they engaged with through the program, and 70% plan to either stay or return to the community after high school.

The CEO program is funded by community business investors and follows a rigorous application process to select students who are best suited for the program. Tom Berriman, the Executive Director of the Economic Generator Network (EGN), emphasizes the importance of developing local leaders in Alpena and providing them with the skills to contribute to the growth of the regional economy. Through the CEO program, students are encouraged to think outside the box and transition from high school students to young professionals.

The Midland Institute for Entrepreneurship, based in Effingham, Illinois, is partnering with the EGN to implement the CEO program. The EGN is a non-profit organization comprising Northeast Michigan citizens and organizations, all working towards the common goal of improving the economic vitality of the region by solving product-related problems globally.

For more information on the Northeast Michigan CEO program, please contact Tom Berriman or visit

– Economic Generator Network
– Midland Institute for Entrepreneurship