Mysuru District Consumer Disputes Commission Orders Compensation for Rusty Car

The Mysuru District Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission has recently ruled in favor of a car buyer, ordering the retail dealer and manufacturer of a Hyundai Verna car to pay a total compensation of ₹3 lakh. The buyer, Mr. Lokesha K.C., filed a complaint after discovering that some parts of the car delivered to him were rusted.

Mr. Lokesha purchased the car from Advaith Motors Private Limited in Mysuru and took delivery in September 2019. However, he noticed the rusted components and informed the sales manager. The manager assured him that the rusted parts would be replaced during the first free service and claimed that the rust would naturally clear as the car is driven.

Despite the assurance, the rust remained even after driving approximately 1,100 km. Furthermore, the buyer received the Registration Certificate (RC) card, which indicated that the car was manufactured in April 2019, five months prior to the delivery date. Feeling deceived, Mr. Lokesha served a legal notice and filed a complaint with the consumer disputes commission.

The commission found that the dealer and manufacturer were both jointly and severally liable for the deficiency in service. They ordered the payment of ₹3 lakh in compensation to the buyer, along with ₹25,000 for mental agony and ₹5,000 for litigation expenses.

The dealer argued that the rust was actually oxidation caused by environmental conditions, while the manufacturer claimed that any issues with the car’s retailing and service were the responsibility of the dealer. However, the commission sided with the buyer, stating that the dealer had proven deficiency in service by delivering a car with rusted parts.

This ruling highlights the importance of proper quality control and transparency in the automobile industry. Customers have the right to receive vehicles in good condition, and any defects or damage should be addressed by the dealer and manufacturer promptly and effectively.

– Mysuru District Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission

– Rust: A form of corrosion that occurs on metals, particularly when they are exposed to moisture or certain environmental conditions. It weakens the affected metal and can cause damage if not addressed.
– Deficiency in service: A failure to provide the expected level of service or quality, resulting in harm or inconvenience to the consumer.
– Consumer disputes commission: A governmental or quasi-judicial body that resolves disputes between consumers and businesses, ensuring fair treatment and the enforcement of consumer rights.