Understanding Ex-Dividend Date and Dividend Stocks

The ex-dividend date is an important date to be aware of for investors in dividend stocks. It is the day when the equity share price adjusts to reflect the next dividend payout. On the ex-dividend date, the stock becomes “ex-dividend,” meaning that it does not carry the value of its next dividend payment from that day forward.

Dividends are payable to all shareholders whose names appear on the company’s list by the end of the record date. It is important for investors to be aware of the ex-dividend date so they can decide whether to buy or sell the stock based on the expected dividend payment.

Several companies have declared dividends and other stock-related actions in the upcoming week. For example, J.B Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals will declare a stock split, Siyaram Silk Mills will declare a share buyback, Power Finance Corp (PFC) will declare a bonus issue, Bhandari Hosiery Exports will declare a rights issue, and Lancer Container Lines will declare a bonus issue.

In addition, there are many stocks that will be trading ex-dividend on specific dates next week. Some of the stocks trading ex-dividend on Monday, September 18, include ABC India, Aimco Pesticides Ltd, and Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd. On Wednesday, September 20, stocks such as 63 Moons Technologies Ltd and Hindware Home Innovation Ltd will be trading ex-dividend, and on Thursday, September 21, stocks like Accel Ltd and La Opala RG Ltd will be trading ex-dividend.

It is important for investors to stay updated on these ex-dividend dates and dividend stocks to make informed investment decisions.

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