eSpark Releases Choice Texts: Personalized Learning Powered by AI

eSpark, an online supplemental curriculum provider for K-5 math and reading, has introduced Choice Texts, a revolutionary approach to personalized reading instruction. This innovative method leverages artificial intelligence to empower students with the ability to make individual choices and follow their interests.

Choice Texts allows students to become co-creators of the reading passages used in their lessons, resulting in a more engaging and student-centered learning experience. By working directly with teachers and students during development, eSpark ensured that Choice Texts aligns with classroom priorities and appeals to students of all levels.

Through real-time generation of personalized texts, eSpark is able to captivate even the most reluctant readers, igniting their enthusiasm for learning. The level of agency and personalization offered by Choice Texts encourages increased engagement, focus, and perseverance throughout the learning process. Research consistently demonstrates that engaged students learn more, and greater student choice leads to higher motivation and engagement levels.

Choice Texts has received positive feedback from educators and students alike. Michelle Bolker, a third-grade teacher from Denver, Colorado, expressed how her students have greatly enjoyed practicing reading skills through creating texts based on their interests. Even a normally disinterested student requested to create another story right after completing a quiz.

Furthermore, eSpark ensures data privacy and safety by implementing robust content moderation within Choice Texts. This makes it a secure and trusted tool for educators who want to incorporate AI in a classroom setting.

Choice Texts is now available to all eSpark Premium members, offering educators the opportunity to explore personalized learning with AI.