Shares of Jupiter Wagons Limited Surge 120% in Six Months

Shares of Jupiter Wagons Limited have seen a remarkable gain of over 120% in the last six months. The stock has been performing exceptionally well and is currently locked in the upper circuit, having gained 5% in a single day. As a result, the stock is considered one of the top gainers in the BSE S&P BSE SmallCap Index.

In the past year alone, Jupiter Wagons Limited has delivered impressive returns to its shareholders. The company’s share price has surged from Rs 58.75 on August 07, 2022, to Rs 221.95 on August 07, 2023, translating to a staggering increase of approximately 250% in just one year.

The company has also reported fantastic quarterly results. In the fourth quarter of FY23, Jupiter Wagons Limited recorded a revenue of Rs 711.70 crore, marking a growth of 96.27% year-on-year. Additionally, the company’s operating profit stood at Rs 93.23 crore, while the PAT (profit after tax) reached Rs 39.97 crore, showing an impressive growth of 186.49% year-on-year.

Jupiter Wagons Limited, established in 2006, is a prominent player in the Indian railway wagon manufacturing industry. With the capacity to produce 4,200 wagons per year, the company is heavily involved in the manufacture of various components required for wagons, including couplers, bogies, draft gears, and CRF sections. Notably, the company was recently merged with Commercial Engineers & Body Builders Limited, resulting in the transfer of assets and liabilities.

Please note that this article is purely for informational purposes and should not be considered as investment advice.