Olipop: The Rise of a Healthier Prebiotic Soda Brand

Ben Goodwin, CEO and formulator of Olipop, is on a mission to change the soda industry. Founded in 2018, Olipop is a “healthier” prebiotic soda that aims to improve people’s diets without requiring a major behavior shift. With eye-catching packaging and nostalgic flavors, Olipop has become a favorite among Gen Z and millennial consumers.

Olipop’s success has been fueled by its innovative approach to ingredients. While traditional sodas can contain high amounts of sugar, Olipop slashes that number down to 2-5 grams per can while still providing 9 grams of fiber. This combination appeals to health-conscious consumers looking for healthier beverage options.

The rise of Olipop also coincides with the growing interest in gut health. With increased awareness of the important role the gut plays in overall well-being, consumers are seeking out products that support a healthy gut. Olipop has capitalized on this trend and has seen significant growth in revenue as a result.

Ben Goodwin’s journey to creating Olipop started with a curiosity about gut health. After dropping out of college to pursue entrepreneurship, Goodwin learned about the impact of gut microbiome on physical and mental well-being. Inspired by his own love for soda, he set out to create a healthy soda alternative that could make a significant impact on the market.

The road to creating Olipop was not easy. Goodwin spent years in a makeshift lab, experimenting with formulations and investing his own savings into the project. In 2012, he successfully created the fizzy, fermented soda he had envisioned. Shortly after, he met his co-founder, David Lester, who shared his passion for gut health and became a partner in the business.

Olipop’s success story is a testament to the power of innovation, a growing consumer demand for healthier options, and a focus on a target audience of health-conscious young consumers. As the brand continues to expand nationwide, it is poised to make a significant impact on the soda industry.

Sources: CNBC Make It