IMPT Launches Global Partnership Network Platform to Expand Customer Loyalty Platform

IMPT, a carbon-offsetting and retail shopping ecosystem based on blockchain technology, has introduced a Software as a Service (SaaS) model of its Global Partnership Network Platform. This application offers businesses worldwide a pre-built customer loyalty platform, eliminating the need for them to develop their own loyalty systems. By utilizing the SaaS platform, businesses within IMPT’s Retail Partnership Network can quickly identify and capitalize on opportunities to establish and expand retail networks in various countries.

Recognizing that sustainability greatly influences consumers’ shopping decisions, IMPT has developed technology to help retailers connect with eco-friendly shoppers and reward their loyalty. Through IMPT’s SaaS platform, retailers can tap into a network of environmentally-conscious shoppers who have embraced the IMPT shopping app and earn rewards for making sustainable choices.

Denis Creighton, CEO of IMPT, highlights the benefits of loyalty programs, stating that they are a simple and effective way for businesses to attract repeat customers and increase sales. However, many smaller businesses lack the resources and expertise to develop their own loyalty systems. With IMPT, retailers can effortlessly join a global network of brands and access environmentally-conscious shoppers looking to support businesses that share their values. Together, they can contribute to combating climate change and making a positive impact on the planet.

As an ecosystem designed to connect global retail brands with socially responsible individuals aiming to reduce their carbon footprint, IMPT utilizes Web3 technology to enhance transparency and verifiability in the carbon credit industry. Through the SaaS platform, IMPT’s Retail Partnership Network members can quickly view available countries and secure exclusive rights to develop and manage retail networks in specific regions. This aligns with IMPT’s mission to encourage retailers to combat climate change by rewarding and empowering customers to reduce their carbon emissions with each purchase.

Denis Creighton emphasizes that the launch of the SaaS Global Partnership Network Platform is crucial in spreading brand awareness to hundreds of countries worldwide and enabling retailers to participate in the loyalty program focused on the planet.

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