Insider Sells 5,769 Shares of BJ’s Wholesale Club Holdings Inc

William Werner, the Executive Vice President, Strategy & Development of BJ’s Wholesale Club Holdings Inc, recently sold 5,769 shares of the company, continuing a trend of insider transactions over the past year. BJ’s Wholesale Club Holdings Inc is a leading operator of membership warehouse clubs in the Eastern United States, offering a wide range of merchandise and ancillary services.

Over the past year, William Werner has sold a total of 6,450 shares of BJ’s Wholesale Club Holdings Inc, with no purchases made. This recent sale of 5,769 shares is part of this pattern. Looking at the company’s insider transaction history, there have been no insider buys in the past year and 14 insider sells.

Shares of BJ’s Wholesale Club Holdings Inc were trading at $70.44 on the day of the recent insider sale, giving the stock a market cap of $9.52 billion. The price-earnings ratio is 19.13, higher than the industry median of 16.89 but lower than the company’s historical median price-earnings ratio.

With a price of $70.44 and a GuruFocus Value of $72.60, BJ’s Wholesale Club Holdings Inc is considered fairly valued based on its GF Value, which is an intrinsic value estimate developed by GuruFocus. This value is calculated based on historical multiples, adjustment factors, and future performance estimates from Morningstar analysts.

While the continued selling of shares by the insider may indicate the company’s future prospects, it’s essential to consider that insider transactions can have various reasons, including personal financial planning or diversification. Therefore, it is recommended to conduct thorough research, consider other factors such as the company’s financial health, market conditions, and industry trends, and seek advice from a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

Sources: GuruFocus