Lomar Shipping Partners with Blue Dot Change to Develop Methane Breakdown System

Lomar Shipping’s tech division, Lomarlabs, has joined forces with climate-tech startup Blue Dot Change to develop a new system for breaking down methane in the air. Methane is a potent greenhouse gas that has a significant warming effect, making it crucial to find effective strategies for reducing its presence in the atmosphere.

Traditionally, methane breaks down in the atmosphere through UV light and interaction with ionic compounds. Blue Dot Change aims to accelerate this natural process by releasing an iron chloride compound into the air. The proposal suggests using a ship’s stack to eject the catalyst during its voyage, allowing it to stay suspended in the air for up to 10 days. This will create a concentrated environment similar to sea-level air, optimizing methane breakdown.

Lomar Shipping will provide a platform for testing Blue Dot’s technology and offer advice on technical matters. Lomarlabs is focusing on adapting the solution to the realities of shipping operations, ensuring its practicality and effectiveness. Stylianos Papageorgiou, from Lomar Shipping, believes that this nature-centered approach has the potential to introduce gradual change in methane removal from the air.

In addition to their collaboration with Blue Dot Change, Lomar Shipping is also working with UK startup Seabound to test a system that captures CO2 in the ship’s stack using quicklime pellets. These efforts demonstrate Lomar’s commitment to exploring innovative technologies that contribute to a sustainable and environmentally conscious maritime industry.

– Article: The Maritime Executive