Analysts Increase Price Target for MYT Netherlands Parent B.V.

UBS Group has raised its price target for MYT Netherlands Parent B.V. from $4.60 to $5.20, indicating a potential upside of 26.21% from the stock’s current price. The firm has also given the stock a “buy” rating. Jefferies Financial Group, on the other hand, has downgraded MYT Netherlands Parent B.V. from a “buy” rating to a “hold” rating and reduced their price target from $19.00 to $4.00.

Institutional investors have also made changes to their positions in the company. UBS Group AG, for example, has increased its stake by 12.7% in the fourth quarter. Sei Investments Co., Advisor Group Holdings Inc., Trexquant Investment LP, and Invesco Ltd. have also increased their holdings in MYT Netherlands Parent B.V.

MYT Netherlands Parent B.V., through its subsidiary Mytheresa Group GmbH, operates a luxury e-commerce platform for fashion consumers in various countries. They offer a wide range of products, including womenswear, menswear, kids wear, and lifestyle items.

Currently, MYT Netherlands Parent B.V. has an average rating of “hold” and an average target price of $9.32. The stock is currently trading at $4.12.

Source: MarketBeat