Ryan Howard Joins Baseball United Ownership Group

Philadephia Phillies legend Ryan Howard has become part of the ownership group of Baseball United, a new baseball league set to launch in November. The league aims to expand the game of baseball beyond the United States, focusing on the Middle East and India. Howard will serve as a co-owner of the Abu Dhabi Falcons and an ambassador for the league, particularly in the entrepreneurial aspects of its operations.

The first draft of the league is scheduled for September 19th in Cincinnati, with players from various leagues around the world eligible for selection. These leagues include the Nippon Professional Baseball League (NPB) in Japan, the Mexican Baseball League (LMB), the Korean Baseball Organization (KBO), and various leagues from the Caribbean and Latin America.

Throughout his career with the Phillies, Howard achieved numerous accolades, including winning the 2005 NL Rookie of the Year, the 2008 World Series, and being named an All-Star three times. Since retiring, Howard has pursued writing and entrepreneurial ventures and is also part of the MLB Commissioner’s Ambassador Program (CAP).

Howard’s involvement with Baseball United makes him the first former Philadelphia athlete to endorse and join the group of owners and ambassadors. Other notable figures in the ownership group include Mariano Rivera, Adrian Beltre, Barry Larkin, Felix Hernandez, and CEO Kash Shaikh.

Baseball United aims to bring the game of baseball to new audiences in India, Pakistan, and the Middle East, challenging the dominance of cricket in those regions. By expanding beyond traditional boundaries, the league hopes to provide more opportunities and attention to professional and semi-professional players from various leagues around the world.

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