First Light Field-Enabled Surgical Technology Company Raises $43 Million in Funding

Proprio, a Seattle-based surgical technology company, has announced that it has secured $43 million in Series B funding from both new and existing investors. The capital will be used to fuel the commercialization efforts of Proprio’s AI-driven surgical navigation platform, Paradigm. This platform has garnered significant demand both in the United States and overseas.

Paradigm, the flagship surgical navigation platform developed by Proprio, recently achieved a major milestone by obtaining 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The platform leverages light field technology and artificial intelligence to create a real-time 3D visualization of surgery. With its sensor suite, Paradigm offers surgeons Volumetric Intelligence™ by combining medical images with live data.

The Paradigm system has numerous benefits for surgeons and patients alike. By eliminating the need for intraoperative scans, it reduces radiation exposure for both patients and surgical staff. Additionally, this streamlined process saves up to 30 minutes per procedure, increasing the availability of patient care. The accuracy of Paradigm’s registration of imaging data to the anatomy within surgical workflows allows surgeons to maintain focus on the patient.

Proprio’s dynamic and multi-modal 3D data sets a new standard in surgical navigation, surpassing traditional static approaches. The company plans to expand the application of its technology to various surgical specialties beyond its initial focus on spine procedures. By collecting extensive surgical data, the Paradigm system has the potential to revolutionize surgery and enable the development of many innovative applications.

Gabriel Jones, CEO and co-founder of Proprio, expressed excitement about the investment and the potential of its technology. Proprio aims to perform its first-in-human cases and introduce Paradigm to patients worldwide. This investment marks a significant milestone for the company.

Alf Grunwald, an Executive Advisor at Bird B. AG, a global investment partnership, highlighted Proprio’s potential to disrupt traditional medical device businesses with data. Bird B. AG is enthusiastic about joining the investment group and supporting Proprio’s mission.

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