Muir AI Raises $3.25M Seed Round to Tackle Carbon Accounting

Seattle-based startup Muir AI has secured $3.25 million in a seed funding round led by Base10 Partners, with participation from existing investors Madrona Venture Labs and Soma Capital. This brings the company’s total funding to $3.75 million. Muir AI specializes in carbon accounting, leveraging satellite technology, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning to help businesses calculate their supply chain emissions.

Co-founded by CEO Harris Chalat, who previously worked at SpaceX and Relativity Space, and Chief Technology Officer Peter Williams, with experience in aerospace and Amazon, Muir AI is focused on addressing the challenge of calculating supply chain emissions, which has historically been a complex task for companies. By combining satellite technology and advanced AI algorithms, Muir AI aims to provide accurate and actionable insights to help companies reduce their carbon footprints.

The company launched in February 2022 and was part of Madrona Venture Labs’ accelerator program, which supports early-stage startups in the Pacific Northwest. Muir AI joins a growing list of companies in the carbon accounting and emissions reduction space. Some notable players in the Pacific Northwest include Climate Vault Solutions, Earth Finance, Ren Energy, Carbon Direct (with offices in Seattle and New York), and Scope 5 (recently acquired). In addition, other US companies such as Persefoni, Measurabl, Cleartrace, and Watershed are also working on carbon accounting and emissions management solutions.

Muir AI’s innovative approach to carbon accounting, combining satellite technology and AI, holds the potential to significantly improve the accuracy and efficiency of emissions calculations. As businesses worldwide prioritize sustainability and environmental responsibility, Muir AI’s solution offers a valuable tool to help companies measure and reduce their carbon footprints effectively.

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