Save A Lot Stores in South Carolina to Offer Certified Hereford Beef

Save A Lot, a grocery store chain, has announced that select stores in South Carolina will be the first in the state to offer Certified Hereford Beef. The owner of the five stores, Dwayne Goodwin, is a Hereford Beef farmer and played a pivotal role in introducing this product to Save A Lot.

Goodwin raises Hereford Beef on his farm in Mauldin, South Carolina, and is dedicated to maintaining high standards of animal care and sustainable farming practices. He expressed his pride in being able to provide his Save A Lot customers with the “gold standard” of beef. Goodwin believes that his customers will appreciate and enjoy the exceptional quality of this product.

Starting October 4, Certified Hereford Beef will be available at the following Save A Lot locations in South Carolina: 134 Foothills Center Rd. in West Union, 917 East Main St. in Laurens, 529 Hampton Ave in Pickens, 410 E N Duncan Bypass in Union, and 302 Pearman Dairy Rd. in Anderson.

Amari Seiferman, President and CEO of Certified Hereford Beef, expressed excitement about the partnership with Dwayne Goodwin and Save A Lot. Seiferman emphasized that the commitment to quality, flavor, and sustainability is shared by both Certified Hereford Beef and Goodwin’s stores. They aim to provide families with a regular choice of healthy and wholesome beef.

This introduction of Certified Hereford Beef to Save A Lot stores in South Carolina marks a significant milestone in offering customers a premium beef option. With Goodwin’s expertise and dedication, consumers can expect an exceptional dining experience while supporting sustainable farming practices.

– WHNS, Copyright 2023 (no URL provided)