Johnson City Boutique Offers Halloween Costume Exchange to Benefit Local Families

A Johnson City-based boutique, the Shops of 607, is running a Halloween Costume Exchange initiative to provide local children with the opportunity to trick or treat this Halloween. Families can participate in the exchange by bringing their children’s clean and gently used costumes from previous years to the boutique located at 4416 Watson Blvd.

For every costume donated, families will receive a ticket that can be used at a later date to choose a new Halloween costume, free of charge. The tickets will be valid for use at the Shops of 607’s Fall Mini-Fest and costume swap event on October 21. To ensure a seamless browsing experience, all costumes will be sorted by size.

The Shops of 607 is known for its support of local artists and vendors. With over 50 local artisans featured at the boutique, it serves as a hub for creative entrepreneurship in the community.

By offering the Halloween Costume Exchange, the Shops of 607 is not only providing local families with a cost-effective solution for Halloween costumes but also promoting sustainability by encouraging the reuse of costumes. This initiative allows families to save money and reduce waste, making it a win-win situation for everyone involved.

For more information about the Halloween Costume Exchange and the Shops of 607, interested individuals can visit their Facebook page.

– Halloween Costume Exchange: An initiative where individuals can donate their gently used costumes from previous years in exchange for the opportunity to choose a new-to-them costume for free.
– Sustainability: The practice of using resources in a manner that allows for their replenishment and does not harm the environment.

– The original source article from WIVT/WBGH: [Source Name]
– Facebook page of the Shops of 607 (no URL provided)