Jetty: Transforming Customer Management for Fibre Retailers

Jetty is a pioneering white-label customer management platform designed exclusively for fibre retailers in the UK. With its cutting-edge technology, Jetty streamlines the entire journey of a residential fibre customer, ensuring efficiency and compliance at scale. This innovative platform offers a comprehensive suite of features for Altnets and Communication Service Providers, including sales, order provisioning, customer service, communication, billing, contact center technology, hardware logistics, and digital applications.

One of Jetty’s unique selling points (USP) is its ability to automate the entire customer journey seamlessly. The platform is built around the principles of case management, enabling frictionless digital experiences for customers. Customer service agents only need to handle the most complex cases, allowing them to focus on providing exceptional service.

Jetty has a close relationship with the telecom sector, working closely with its clients to improve customer experiences and enhance the efficiency of customer service agents. The platform has been successfully deployed to unlock significant value for these clients, and now it is being offered to other fibre retailers to transform their customers’ experiences as well.

The development of Jetty was spearheaded by Alex Hollingdale, the former Director of Telecoms at OVO, along with a team of industry experts. Their goal was to address the challenges faced by emerging Altnets in efficiently managing their growing customer base. By licensing the Jetty platform as a managed service, these fibre retailers can focus on building their networks and putting customers on those networks.

Looking ahead, Jetty has ambitious plans for expansion. As a cloud-based, multi-tenant application, the platform can scale indefinitely. The company envisions offering a multi-product solution (including fibre, mobile, TV, and energy) under the brands of its clients. Moreover, Jetty sees opportunities to expand its services globally, including Europe, Africa, Australia, and North America.

Jetty believes that its success is tied to the success of its clients. By empowering retailers with its technology and industry expertise, Jetty aims to become the go-to platform for customer management in the global retail sector.