Seattle Area Startups Making Waves in the Blue Economy

Joshua Berger, the leader of Washington Maritime Blue, a nonprofit alliance focused on accelerating innovation for a sustainable and equitable blue economy, has highlighted three Eastside-based startups that are making significant contributions to the industry.
According to Berger, CargoCheck and Gybe, both located in Bellevue, and ioCurrents in Kirkland, are worth watching due to their technology-driven approaches to addressing important global issues. Although Washington Maritime Blue focuses on the maritime oceans and fisheries sector, Berger emphasizes that these startups have the potential to create solutions applicable to a wide range of industries.
One standout example is ioCurrents, founded by Cosmo King, who sought to apply his tech expertise in a pragmatic way that would have a positive impact on the maritime industry. ioCurrents offers a predictive analytics platform called MarineInsight, which provides real-time data and analytics for maintenance, fuel economy, and failure prediction in the maritime sector. The company’s services are utilized by various sectors within the industry, such as bulk cargo, tankers, container ships, tug and barge, and commercial fishing.
Berger commends ioCurrents for its significant impact in the blue economy, as it not only addresses environmental and governance challenges, but also fosters economic growth and job creation. Through their innovative solutions, these startups are showcasing the potential of technology to drive change and sustainability in the maritime industry and beyond.

– Washington Maritime Blue: A nonprofit alliance focused on accelerating innovation for a sustainable and equitable blue economy.
– Blue economy: An economic framework that emphasizes marine resources and activities in a sustainable and responsible manner.
– Startups: Newly established businesses that are designed to grow rapidly and disrupt existing markets with innovative solutions.

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