WJ Wealth Management LLC Buys New Position in The Walt Disney Company

WJ Wealth Management LLC has acquired 2,900 shares of The Walt Disney Company during the second quarter, according to a recent disclosure with the SEC. The shares are valued at approximately $259,000. Other institutional investors and hedge funds have also bought and sold shares of Disney. Buckingham Wealth Management LLC raised its holdings in Disney by 24.2% during the second quarter, while 180 Wealth Advisors LLC boosted its holdings by 6.9% and Thrive Wealth Management LLC grew its position by 24.3%. LifePro Asset Management and Buckingham Capital Management Inc. also bought new positions in the company.

In other news, EVP Sonia L. Coleman sold 959 shares of Disney stock in a transaction valued at $85,398.95. Following the sale, Coleman now owns 961 shares in the company, valued at $85,577.05.

Several equities analysts have commented on Disney’s stock. Credit Suisse Group lowered their price objective on Disney’s stock from $126.00 to $122.00 and set an “outperform” rating. Citigroup decreased their price target to $120.00 and also set a “buy” rating on the stock. Loop Capital cut their price objective from $120.00 to $110.00, while KeyCorp decreased their target price to $107.00, both maintaining an “overweight” rating. StockNews.com assumed coverage with a “sell” rating.

The Walt Disney Company operates as an entertainment company worldwide. It engages in film and episodic television content production and distribution, as well as operates television networks under various brands. The company’s studios produce films under popular banners such as Walt Disney Pictures, Marvel, Pixar, and Lucasfilm. Disney’s revenue for the last quarter was $22.33 billion, up 3.8% year-over-year, with earnings per share of $1.03.

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