Wealthfront’s Stock Investing Account

Wealthfront, a consumer fintech company and pioneer of the robo-advisor industry, has announced new stock collections created by its Investment Team. These collections cover investment themes such as artificial intelligence (AI) and inflation. The company’s Stock Investing Account offers clients the opportunity to explore new investment opportunities with zero commissions, fractional shares, curated stock collections, and a minimum investment of just $1.

Wealthfront’s Investment Team constantly monitors the investment landscape and evaluates opportunities to help clients invest in the latest industries and trends. Each stock collection is developed through a review of industry data and internal analysis, providing clients with pros and cons rooted in data and research.

Investors can now access stock collections such as AI Adopters, which includes companies leading the way in AI adoption like Broadcom, CostCo, and Nvidia. The Generative AI collection allows investors to explore companies developing generative AI technology, including Alphabet, IBM, and Microsoft. The Large-Cap, High Dividend Payers collection offers investors the opportunity to invest in dividend stocks that yield more than the 10-year Treasury yield, such as Chevron, Pfizer, and Verizon.

Wealthfront’s stock collections are designed to help investors think beyond individual companies and create a portfolio based on broader investment themes. Clients can also search for specific stocks and find related investment opportunities.

In addition to these new stock collections, Wealthfront offers a range of other saving and investing products. These include a high-yield Cash Account, an Automated Bond Portfolio, and an award-winning Automated Investing Account.

To learn more about Wealthfront’s Stock Investing Account and sign up, visit their website.