Taylor Morrison Home: A Profitable and Growing Company

Investors often seek out “the next big thing” in hopes of high returns, but sometimes these high-risk investments don’t pay off. Instead, investing in profitable and growing companies can be a more reliable strategy. One such company is Taylor Morrison Home.

Over the past year, Taylor Morrison Home has seen its earnings per share (EPS) rise from US$7.48 to US$9.24, representing a 24% gain. This growth is a positive indicator for shareholders and shows that the company is on a sustainable path. Additionally, Taylor Morrison Home has experienced top-line growth, with revenues increasing and an improved earnings before interest and taxation (EBIT) margin of 17%.

It’s important to note that a company’s past performance doesn’t guarantee future success, but Taylor Morrison Home’s profitable trajectory is worth keeping an eye on. Furthermore, the company’s insiders have a significant amount of wealth invested, valued at US$182 million. This level of insider commitment demonstrates their confidence in the company’s success.

While assessing a company’s valuation is complex, Taylor Morrison Home’s profitability and insider ownership make it an attractive prospect for investors. However, it’s essential to conduct further research and consider all factors before making any investment decisions.

– Simply Wall St (source article)