Unicommerce Considering Public Market Listing and Private Equity Investment

Unicommerce, a B2B e-commerce software-as-a-service platform, is exploring various options to raise capital, including a potential public market listing and private equity investment. The CEO of Unicommerce, Kapil Makhija, stated that no decision has been made yet, but discussions are underway to determine the best path for the organization. The decision will depend on factors such as the right fit for the company and the current market conditions.

Despite the challenges faced by tech startups, Unicommerce is considering an initial public offering (IPO). Makhija acknowledged that there are implications in going public, but they are evaluating all the factors, including macroeconomic conditions and the overall market.

Unicommerce offers end-to-end fulfillment solutions to retailers across online channels. They provide services such as procurement, inventory management, multi-vendor management, drop shipments, and returns. The platform is used by well-known brands such as Mamearth, Lenskart, Myntra, and TCNS. Unicommerce claims to enable 1.7 million e-commerce transactions daily.

Unicommerce also operates in international markets, including the Middle East, South East Asia, and South Asia. They work with retailers and brands in various categories, including apparel, electronics, and beauty.

In addition to exploring funding options, Unicommerce is open to investing in other tech startups to enhance their offerings. Makhija mentioned that they are currently evaluating opportunities for investment.

Furthermore, Unicommerce has observed significant growth in business emerging from tier-2 and 3 cities in the past three years. The increasing connectivity and access to e-commerce marketplaces have prompted small businesses in these cities to list online. This shift in demand has resulted in a reversed trend, with a majority of inquiries now coming from sellers based in tier-2 and 3 cities.

Overall, Unicommerce’s consideration of a public market listing and private equity investment reflects its ambitions for growth and expansion. The company aims to continue providing comprehensive e-commerce solutions while exploring new opportunities and partnerships.

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